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Hey guys! My old middle school has just expanded from grades 7-9 to K-7. They are in need of a playground! Voting for this project would mean a lot to me and to the school. Thank you!

To build a multi-generational playground at Ecole Mt. Prevost Elementary.
The Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island is an area in transition. For the last 30 years our forestry-based economy has changed dramatically and with it the number of school aged children. While many industry jobs have left, service jobs and retiring seniors have arrived. The recent closure of six local schools along with the amalgamation of several others meant we had to sadly leave our beloved 100-year-old elementary school for the new-to-us Mt. Prevost Middle School. We gained more kids and classroom space, but we lost our playgrounds, our outdoor classroom, our trees, and our gardens. For the past number of years our school parents had taken this aging school and worked to improve it by fundraising to buy and install playground equipment, by building gardens, painting murals, rejuvenating landscaping and building structures for use as outdoor classrooms. But we had to leave these all behind. The school is now closed.  
Our new school is bigger, but it was built for teenagers.     

To use Aviva Community Funds to purchase playground and fitness equipment for the young and young at heart. A play structure more suited to small children in the primary grades, outdoor circuit equipment for use by the neighbourhood—but especially our growing retired population—as well as picnic tables, benches and trees, to help create a space the community can call its own.  

Vote for this project here! It’s free and only take a few seconds.

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